Call For Disciples

Come and find your place for Discipleship Sept 8th @6pm

Call For Disciples Sept 8th @6:00pm in the Sanctuary.

Are you interested in growing as a follower of Jesus? Our church's primary method of making disciples who can make disciples are D-Groups. D-Groups are groups of 3 to 5 people who meet weekly for the express purpose of becoming disciples who make disciples. DGroups are based upon the three pillars of Scripture, Accountability, and prayer.

You can join a D-Group by attending the Call for Disciples meeting held September 23rd @6pm in the Sanctuary. We hope to see you there!

If you would like more info on D-Groups check out the link below.

Already in a D-Group? Download the D-Groups Field Guide.

Childcare will be available during this event. Please sign up for childcare below.

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