Adult Helper Interest Survey for Mentoring Program for 6th and 7th Grade Girls


AppleSeeds is designed for 6th and 7th grade girls.  

The purpose of AppleSeeds is to teach girls how important they are to God, to their family, and to others around them. We will teach that every person is created by God, in his image. The Bible says that each person is valuable to God and others. AppleSeeds will seek to help each girl understand the person and work of God and how we can know Him personally. AppleSeeds shows the relevancy of the Scriptures to our everyday lives and that serving God is a high calling.

Typical Structure: Sunday evenings 4-7 PM

* Eat a simple meal together

* Large Group Discussion, led by a mentor

* Small Group Discussion/Journals

* Crafts that reinforce the study

Fall 2023 Schedule

8 Weeks: September 17 - November 12 (Will not meet on September 24)

Week 1: Introduction Week

Week 2: Who is God? How can I know Him?

Week 3: Identity in Christ (Psalm 139)

Week 4: What am I thinking? (Philippians 4:8)

Week 5: What am I looking at? What am I listening to? (Proverbs)

Week 6: What am I saying? How is my heart? (Luke 6:45)

Week 7: Where am I going? (1 Corinthians 9:24-25)

Week 8: Celebration with Parents

There are several ways to be involved with Appleseeds, from mentoring to decorating, cooking, helping in the kitchen, being a prayer partner or writing notes of encouragement, or even donations. To share your interest in being involved, submit the form below.

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