Our Mission

Our Mission

At FBC Benbrook, our mission is to connect our community with Christ and His greater purpose.

Our Vision

All of our lives tell a story. Unfortunately, many people are living out small stories where they are the main character and the plot is about little more than survival, scratching out a meager existence, and just hoping to find a little happiness before the story comes to an end. But we see that God is telling a different story, a much larger story, a story of creation and redemption and re-creation, a story where God is working to bring all things under the headship of Christ. We see a church that is working to liberate people from the soul-crushing small stories of their lives. We see a church that is inviting people to live in God’s bigger story. We see a church of believers diving deep into the transforming grace of Christ. We see believers who are developing the mind of Christ, who are obeying the commands of Christ, who are being transformed into the image of Christ, so that they can hear God’s call to participate in God’s bigger story. We know that God is up to something big in this world and we want to be a part of it.


Worship – We gather together on Sunday mornings to rejoice in the glory of God and to hear His voice.

Connect – We build community with others around Scripture in small groups on Sunday mornings.

Disciple – We grow in the knowledge and image of Christ through D-Groups that meet throughout the week.

Serve – We participate in God’s greater purpose with our unique gifts and abilities through the church and around the world.