D-Group Kickoff Event (Fall 2022)

Learn more about D-Groups and why they are our church's strategy to make disciples.

D-Group Kickoff Event (August 28 at 6 PM)

D-Group Kickoff Event

Sunday Night

August 28 at 6 PM

D-Groups are our church’s primary strategy to make disciples who can make disciples.

D-Groups are groups of 3 to 5 people who meet weekly for the express purpose of becoming disciples who make disciples.

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples in the Great Commission. A disciple of Christ is one who is developing the mind of Christ, obeying the commands of Christ, being transformed into the image of Christ, and participating in the mission of Christ.

D-Groups are based on three pillars: Scripture, prayer, and accountability

D-Groups are…

Peer to peer discipleship groups – D-Groups are not modeled on a “teacher-student” format where the students come to be taught by the teacher. In a peer to peer group, each member of the group is expected to bring something to the group discussion.

Scripture based – D-Groups do not follow a curriculum or study a book. Instead, D-Groups read Scripture together.

Spiritual disciplines – G-Groups are designed to teach and practice the core spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, meditation, Scripture memory, and prayer. We want to develop disciples who are equipped to feed themselves and to feed others.

Multiplication – D-Groups are designed to multiply! Our goal is for each D-Group to become 2 D-Groups within a year. We will strive to avoid the “tick tock the game is locked” temptation because we always want to have an empty chair for new believers in our church’s discipleship efforts. To have room for new disciples, we must always be forming new groups.

At the D-Group Kickoff Event, you will discover

  • What is a Disciple Group?
  • Why are they the central part of our church’s disciple making strategy?
  • What would be expected of me if I joined a D-Group?
  • How do I join a group?