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Go therefore and make disciples of all nation (Matthew 28.19)


Like every gospel driven church, we believe that Jesus has commissioned us to make disciples. We strive to make disciples who are developing the mind of Christ, who are obeying the commands of Christ, who are being transformed into the image of Christ, and who are participating in the mission of Christ.


We believe that each disciple needs to be sinking deep roots in the marvelous grace of Christ in order to grow eternal fruit. We grow in our faith by practicing the spiritual disciples of corporate worship, daily bible reading, meditation, scripture memory, and conversational and intentional prayer. To encourage the development of these disciplines, we challenge each member to be part of a Discipleship Group (D-Group)


D-Groups are groups of three to five people who meet weekly for the express purpose of becoming disciples who are making disciples.

D-Group Reading Plan - Spring 2022

Week 1

Ecclesiastes 1-5

Week 2

Ecclesiastes 6-10

Week 3

Ecclesiastes 11-12

John 1-3

Week 4

John 4-8

Week 5

John 9-13

Week 6

John 14-18

Week 7

John 19-21

1 John 1-2

Week 8

1 John 3-5

Hebrews 1-2

Week 9

Hebrews 3-7

Week 10

Hebrews 8-12

Week 11

Hebrews 13

Hosea 1-4

Week 12

Hosea 5-9

Week 13

Hosea 10-14

Discussion Questions - Spring 2022

Week 1

What is one thing in your life that you strive after that according to Ecclesiastes is vanity?  

The Hebrew word for Vanity is “Hebel” (used 38 times in Ecclesiastes) and refers to a mist, vapor, or smoke. Why does the author use this metaphor to describe what we strive after (Vanity)?  

How does Chapter 5:1-3 instruct us of how we are to draw near to God?

Week 2

What truth does Ecclesiastes 8:11 say about us in relation to our rebellious nature in light of judgment? What does this say about God and his mercy and justice?  

The author of Ecclesiastes wants the reader to realize all the ways we build our meaning and our purpose in life in things that are fleeting. Why is this important to us today?

How should we look at the mysteries of this life in light of “all is vanity”?

How did Jesus model Ecclesiastes 9:17 during his life on earth? 

Week 3

Why does Ecclesiastes end with verses 12:13-14? What is the difference between this truth and the “Vanity” described throughout the book of Ecclesiastes?  

Why and in what ways do we look for meaning and purpose apart from God?

In light of the popularity of John 3:16, what do we miss about the picture of the gospel by not including John 3:17?

Week 4

How does reading the Samaritan Woman's story and seeing the impact of her testimony (John 4:39) on the village cause you to reflect on the power of your personal testimony to the lives of those around you? Why does God use our testimony as a powerful witness tool?

Discuss John 6:60-69 and how we see this lived out today.

One common argument that is made against the diety of Jesus is that he never says specifically that he is God. In light of reading John 8:58, what do you think of this argument? Why is the "I am" statement so powerful? Who used this statement in the Old Testament and where?

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