Parent Child Dedication

May 14, 2023

Parent Child Dedication - May 14

This is a special time for families to recognize the gift of their child and dedicate* them to the Lord. Parents will stand and make a public commitment before our church family to raise their child in a Christ-centered home. The congregation will also have an opportunity to commit to support these parents as they raise their children to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

*A dedication is not infant baptism; nor does it impart salvation to a child. Salvation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ as each person personally recognizes their sinfulness and receives forgiveness and eternal life through Him and His work on the cross. A dedication, rather, is a time for families to publicly commit to raising a child to know Christ, to acknowledge God's roles as Creator and Father, and to celebrate what God has done and will do in each child's life. 

This dedication will take place at the end of the early service and the beginning of the late service.

Deadline to sign up and turn in pictures is May 7th.